About Us

james_h_parkerAll of our products are proudly made in the USA.

James H. Parker founded the company in 1970.  Since that time, Parker Systems, Inc. (PSI) quickly became, and continues to be a major supplier of environmental equipment worldwide.

SpillMaster® Permanent boom– designed to stay in the water “at the ready” year round in the harshest of environments. If a spill happens it is already in place! Designed to fit under piers and survive in an industrial environment.

SpillMaster® Response boom – designed to be deployed in the water as soon as a spill has occurred. We have standard products and we can custom build to a customer’s needs.

Boom Accessories – designed hardware to use with installation of our boom, barrier, and curtain systems.

OilSnare® Viscous Oil Adsorbent
PSI is the original creator & manufacturer of OilSnare® products, and probably the world’s largest supplier of viscous oil adsorbents to the oil spill clean-up-industry.

SiltMaster® Turbidity Curtain
Turbidity curtain, Dredge Barrier, Debris boom, Silt curtain are designed to hold back silt and/or debris at marine construction sites, dredging operations, bridges power plants,  and bulkheads.

Fuel Vent Containment Bag®
PSI designed Fuel Vent Bags (FVB) to avoid costly fines, cleanup cost and vessel delays.  FVB easily attaches to your vent housings and adjacent bulkheads to collect and contain fuel that could spill during fueling operations.

PSI maintains a full inventory of Oil, Universal, and Industrial Sorbents, Spill Kits and all associated HAZMAT clean up, storage, & transportation accessories,