MarkMaster V (Group V Oils)

The Oil Filter Curtain Boom is not your average oil boom or silt curtain. This heavy-duty boom has a PVC skirt at the waterline to collect surface oils, and a proven X-Tex fabric skirt for protection throughout the water column. The X-Tex material allows water to flow through the permeable skirt, but stops oil in its tracks. You no longer have to worry about Group V Class C/D and heavier oils sinking and escaping under a boom’s skirt.
The Oil Filter Curtain Boom is a great solution for containing Group V Class C/D oils and provides shoreline protection in low to moderate currents. This boom is similar to the design of a standard turbidity curtain, but with the added bonus of filtering water and collecting heavy oils throughout the water column.

Sinking oils (Group V Class C/D) including oil sands, Dilbit, Bitumen, Lamp Black and other non-buoyant oils have a specific gravity of  >1, which is heavier than water and, if spilled, will submerge or sink in water. There has been a dramatic increase in the exploration and drilling efforts of these type oils in the US, Canada, Europe and throughout the world.

Make the Oil Filter Curtain Boom part of your Group V Class C/D oil contingency preparation and plans!

The Oil Filter Curtain Boom can be made with an optional detachable skirt for replacement with different depth skirts or as required for decontamination.

Standard sizes are 50 foot and 100 foot sections with 4 foot, 8 foot or 12 foot skirts. Many custom sizes and configurations are available for different site conditions.

With the “Oil Filter Curtain Boom” (Group V Class C/D oils) we’ve got you covered!