Permanent Boom


Don’t let your containment boom response time become an issue!

Superflex_In_Use3When you need 24 hour protection for facilities or vessels to contain a spill or debris around the clock, PSI has permanent containment boom and barrier products designed for your specific application. Permanent boom belting is durable and UV resistant and our floats are heavy duty, rotationally molded polyethylene which provide years of in the water 24/7 service. Our permanent booms safeguard against oil spills or contain debris that can happen when not expected. Proven with years of service bulkhead risers, cable hangers, and service hardware allow the permanent boom to stay attached under and around piers, and vessels allowing self adjusting for tidal fluctuation.

Our permanent boom can be preset in areas that are hard to boom or clean-up and used with our response boom that can be deployed to provide additional containment during a spill. Let us design, manufacture and install a containment boom system to meet your spill contingency requirements.

Permanent boom is great for containment and/or protection from trash and debris.

Permanent Boom is available in our SpillMaster Original or SpillMaster Superflex for customizable flexibility.

Boom Type Float Length Size (Standard) Belting Section Length (Standard)
SpillMaster Original 42” 18”, 24”, 36” PVC or Urethane 50’ or 100’
SpillMaster SuperFlex 18 3/8” 18”, 24”, 36” PVC or Urethane 50’ or 100’

Parker Systems’ Permanent Boom is available with your choice of aluminum ASTM Universal, ASTM Z or Navy connectors, PVC or urethane belting, and three sizes: 18”, 24” or 36” in black and International Orange for high visibility.

Our Permanent Oil Boom and Debris Barriers are designed for deployment at permanent sites such as waterfront oil handling facilities or around ships in repair or storage. They are designed with a semi-rigid material, which provides a vertical screen barrier against contaminates, floating oil and debris. Our boom is free to bend with the horizontal plane as well as to conform to water movements, resulting in better ability to withstand the marine environment.

*Boom Installation consultation and assistance services may be available in your area. Call our sales team at 757-485-2952 to see if you qualify.