Response Boom

Parker System’s response booms are designed for your specific containment needs. They are built to be durable, strong and reliable with minimum maintenance, providing years of service. Whether responding to offshore or inland environments, we have a boom that can fit your needs.

PSI response booms can be used in many environments, from shallow, calm water to harbors to quickly-moving water. They are easily and rapidly deployed and designed for durability. All of our Response Booms can be customized and are available as a standard in PVC or Urethane fabrics, International orange color, 50’ or 100’ section lengths and choice of connector.

Boom Type Freeboard Draft Tension Member Ballast Use
8” (Bantam) 3” 5” N/A 3/16” Chain Shallow, Calm, Creeks & Streams
12” (Basin) 4” 8” N/A 1/4 “


Shallow, Calm, Settling Basins
18” (Mark II) 6” 12” N/A 5/16” Chain Light Currents, Calm & Protected Water
21” (Mark II Top Tension) 6”, 2” sail 12” 5/16” Cable 5/16” Chain Fast Currents, Protected Water & Open-Harbor
24” (Mark II Class II6 6”, 2” sail 16” N/A 5/16” chain Light Currents, Calm & Protected Water
24” (Mark II Class II8) 8” 16” N/A 5/16” Chain Light Currents, Calm & Protected Water

Need something different? We can also design and manufacture a spill containment boom that will meet your specification. Our foam-filled booms meet the OPA 90 guidelines, ASTM specifications and have been used worldwide for over 40 years. PSI response booms are also available to rent in certain areas. Call us today to see if your area qualifies for rental boom! Our rental inventory changes based on demand.