Turbidity Curtain

Turbidity and Silt Curtains

As required by federal and state requirements, silt and debris must be contained.  PSI has proven that our turbidity curtains are the premium turbidity products to keep sediment under control for today’s demanding marine construction and industrial environment. We offer a wide variety of pervious and impervious curtains that meet and/or exceed US Department of Transportation (DOT) and other regulatory requirements for turbidity control from Type I through Type III.


Type Bottom Tension Member Middle Tension Member Top Tension Member Standard Section Size
1 5/16” Chain N/A N/A 50’ or 100’
2 5/16” Chain N/A 5/16 Cable coated 50’ or 100’
3 5/16” Chain 5/16” Cable coated 5/16” Cable coated 50’ or 100’

All curtains are available in impervious, pervious or impervious float with a pervious skirt.

All curtains are available with Lace, Slotted Tube, ASTM Z or Universal Connectors.

Depths and section lengths can be customized to specifications.

Turbidity Curtains can be used to control, contain, deflect or recover floating debris. Built to meet the specific needs and requirements of your location, these barriers have effectively been used with hyacinth, duckweed, trash, plastic, cranberries, fish and marine life, logs and debris. Whether you need a seaweed protection barrier, trash control, aquatic plant containment or even marine life control, these curtains can meet your needs.

Turbidity Curtain Design Criteria:

SiltMaster TYPE I for Calm Water – Should be used in protected areas where there is no current and the area is sheltered from wind and waves.

SiltMaster TYPE II for Fast Water – Should be used in areas where there may be slow to moderate running current (up to 2 knots or 3.5 feet per second) and/or wind and wave action which can affect the curtain.

SiltMaster TYPE III for Ruff Water- Should be used in areas where considerable current (up to 3 knots or 5 feet per second) may be present, where tidal action may be present, and/or where the curtain is potentially subject to wind and wave action.

NEW PermCurtain – The permanent boom platform is modified to utilize as a reusable top and the curtains are replaceable according to your Type I, Type II, or Type III needs.