Boom Marker Lights

Whether you need marker lights for a temporary installation or a permanent job, we have the Boom Marker Lights for you. All of our Boom Marker Light Systems start with a pendulum with a roto-molded foam filled solid polyethylene float designed for long lasting use in all weather conditions that keeps the light afloat and upright. Psi offers two different lights to fit your job perfectly.

For a more temporary job or spill response, PSI offers a standard solar beacon light with 100,000 hours of amber LED lifetime.For a more heavy-duty or long-term job, PSI offers a more durable and permanent light with a three-year warranty. This light is solar-recharging, amber colored LED with an additional 200-hour reserve battery.

PSI’s Boom Marker Lights are perfect for booming installations or operations that require lighted markers and needs little to no maintenance. Our boom marker light systems are easily rigged to an anchor point, oil boom or turbidity curtain and are extremely durable and cost effective. PSI also offers replacement lights sold separately in a range of colors.