Booms & Socks

PSI Light Oil Sorbent Boom is a rugged plastic net tube filled with sorbent material. The boom is flexible so it can be adapted to fit in waste water or holding ponds. Connectors at each end allow the linking together of several booms to provide a continuous chain of protection, permitting containment and absorption of a spill. This oil absorbent boom may be left deployed almost indefinitely.

 photo 1 DSC_0096 DSC_0099sorbent Boom

Size Length Booms per Bale Use
5” 10’ 4 Oil Only
8” 10’ 4 Oil Only


Sorbent Boom Jacket

Contain and absorb in one step with the Sorbent Boom Jacket. This response boom jacket holds replaceable sorbent booms (sold separately) that will absorb the oil contained. The sorbent boom insert can easily be removed and replaced, and the jacket is able to be cleaned and reused.

The jacket is available in 10 foot (small) and 20 foot (large) sections, but can be made custom to order. Two different types are made to hold 5 inch standard sorbent boom and 8 inch standard sorbent boom (sold separately).

The fabric is a solid 22 oz. PVC coated fabric (above the waterline and skirt), open weave net opening to place the sorbent boom, and polyester coated PVC Velcro closure/attachments for easy replacement.  The ballast is ¼” cable with a snap hook to connect to other sections.


Sorbent Socks

PSI offers a wide array of absorbent socks, the dependable, flexible tubes that contain and absorb liquids.

Contributing to cleaner and safer work environments, socks are used to surround a spill, preventing liquids from spreading over plant floors or down drains, soaking up spills and drips. These absorbent sock products are available in a variety of types and sizes, so the one you choose will be just right for your application.

Absorbent socks are an everyday working tool for major industries, including chemical plants, heavy and light manufacturing, transportation, printing and public utilities.


Type Size Socks per Case Gallons per Case
Universal Corncob 3”x42” 40 20
Universal Cellulose 3”x4’ 40 33
Universal Cellulose 3”x8’ 20 33
Universal Cellulose Polymer Blend 3”x4’ 30 30
Universal Maintenance 3”x4’ 30 30
Universal Maintenance 3”x8’ 15 30
Universal Maintenance 3”x12’ 10 30
Universal Maintenance 3”x20’ 6 30
Oil Only 3”x4’ 30 30
Oil Only 3”x4’ 10 10
Oil Only 3”x8’ 15 30
Oil Only 3”x12’ 10 30
Oil Only 3”x20’ 6 30
Hazmat 3”x4’ 30 30
Hazmat 3”x4’ 10 10
Hazmat 3”x8’ 15 30
Hazmat 3”x12’ 10 30
Well 1.5”x2’ 20 5.5
Bilge 3”x18” 20 8
MiniBoom 5”x15” 12 12
MiniBoom 8”x18” 10 28
Super Sock 7”x8’ 5 41