Sorbent Pads

PSI offers both oil only and universal sorbent pads for all of your sorbent needs.

Oil Sorbent Pads are recommended for use on minor on-water spills and for in-plant use as drip pads or wipes around machinery and equipment. These oil absorbents are always easily placed and retrieved.

Universal Sorbent Pads are for Industrial and automotive applications.  Absorbs oil, water and most non-aggressive fluids.  Bonded sorbent pads and sorbent rolls share the same features as our standard meltblown plus an extra layer of spunbound polypropylene.  The bonding process adds increased strength and lower lint.  They help provide a cleaner and safer working environment.

Hazmat Sorbent Pads are ideal for responding to spills with unknown liquids. Quickly deployed and recovered, these pads will absorb virtually any acid or base.



Weight Size Use Pads per Bale Gallons per Bale
Heavy 15”x19” Oil Only 100 34
Medium 15”x19” Oil Only 100 27
Light 15”x19” Oil Only 200 36
Double 30”x30” Oil Only 50 53
Heavy 15”x19” Universal 100 30
Medium 15”x19” Universal 100 25
Light 15”x19” Universal 200 32
Heavy 15”x19” Hazmat 100 30
Light 15”x19” Hazmat 200 30