Fuel Vent Bags

Fuel Vent Bags

Do you have problems with spilling fuel from the vents while fueling? Parker Systems has designed a solution. By placing our Fuel Vent Bag on your deck vents prior to fueling, you can avoid costly fines, cleanup costs, and vessel delays. The Fuel Vent Bag easily attaches to your vent housings and adjacent bulkheads to collect and contain fuel that could spill during fueling operations. Drawstrings secure the containment bag after a spill to minimize spillage pending recovery.

Size Opening Size Capacity
Small 14 5 gallons
Medium 20 35 gallons
Large 28 55 gallons

Have a different opening size? PSI can customize a Fuel Vent Bag to your specifications.

Fuel Vent Bags should be kept cleaned with mild detergent and dried after every use to ensure they are oil free.

Additionally, a visual inspection is required for wear and tear and the bags should be routinely filled with water to visually inspect for leaks. Fuel Vent Bags should only be used during fueling and should be stored clean and dry away from direct sunlight when not in use. Replace the Fuel Vent Bag as needed for top performance.